NLP Training

What Is NLP?


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a powerful approach to effective communication, personal change and excellent performance.  It can be described as a set of techniques and empowering principles that combine to provide you with the potential to excel in every area of your life. 

NLP is the study of excellence in human performance, and is an extremely practical tool for creating success in business today.  No other business leadership training skills programme can beat the NLP practitioner training for successful usage.  For example, by attending this programme you will raise your skills as a communicator to a highly advanced level, enabling you to achieve professional and personal results way beyond your previous expectations.


Official Certification at NLP Practitioner Level

This is a Society of NLP Licensed Programme.  On completion of training, participants are entitled to have an NLP Practitioner certification signed by Dr Richard Bandler who is the co-founder of NLP. 


What Can You Hope To Gain From Attending This Programme?

This programme is specifically geared towards leadership development and business applications.  This training draws upon a wide range of tools rather than simply adopting a fixed way of working.  It is packed with practical advice on what works in a corporate business context. 

The NLP Practitioner Programme is a 12 day training programme which is delivered over 4 modules.  Each module is 3 days in duration. 

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