NLP Testimonials

Some Testimonials From Participants Who Have Attended The NLP Practitioner Training Programme 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the NLP course and have found that I am constantly looking to practice the methods that we were taught in Professional and personal circumstances. After more than 2 years of requestiong a member of staff to support my role. I found that I used my new found confidence in my ability and some of my NLP influencing methods and have had my request granted!  

On a personal level my goal for running the London Marathon this year is now a reality as I have a guaranteed place and I am currently using Visualisation and several other methods to support my training.  I have found that my enthusiasm for NLP and its benefits has had a Positive effect upon people around me.  The NLP course has made me more sensitive in reading situations and interpreting Behaviours, which has been of benefit to myself and others.”


“I hugely enjoyed and benefited from attending this NLP training programme, all my personal objectives I had whilst on this 12 week programme I have managed to achieve, including my dream holiday to Africa, bunjee jumping on the Victoria Falls..”


“I enjoyed the course.  It was well organised and well run.  I liked the modular structure; it helps to learn in bitesize bits.  We always had a daily daily objective which we always achieved; and the trainer was very skilled in allowing input from students; addressing questions etc., without losing track of where we were going.”


“The NLP Programme was and is a great source of empowerment and I would like a refresher course when the opportunity arises.”