Key Principles

Key Principles of our approach:


  • Design and delivery of programmes and interventions to ensure inclusion of all participants considering culture, race, gender and disability issues;
  • Design and delivery of all programmes and interventions to cover the Kolb Learning Cycle;
  • Design and delivery of all interventions to include provision for each of the Honey and Mumford adult learning styles;
  • Design and delivery of all interventions to include evaluation measures and mechanisms from the beginning, using the Kirkpatric model of evaluation as the basis for this;
  • All work to meet the professional standards for Consultants as indicated by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).


Our starting point is to understand where your business is now and where it is going, what you want to achieve and what you want your business leaders to do differently.  These organisational needs are often driven from corporate objectives.  For example, the organisation may be aiming for growth in turnover, improvement in profitability or customer satisfaction, diversification, increased market penetration or a host of other goals.  Whatever they are, they shape the overall direction in which we follow.


In designing the detail of the training interventions, we also establish the training requirements at two other levels; group needs and individual needs.  At the group needs level, we aim to understand the specific role and objectives of each team and analyse the way work is done now and needs to be done in the future.  Sometimes, however, the needs of departments do not follow directly from the expressed objectives of the organisation but derive instead from particular weaknesses in performance or the need for changes in systems or working at departmental level.


Sometimes we find that our clients have already conducted their own training needs analysis (TNA) even before they have chosen to contact us.  In such a situation, our task is to review the process and the results of the TNA and design a training programme that is built on the information gathered. 

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