OD Consultancy

Organisational development (OD)  is concerned with an organisations; 

  • health in relation to staff and management performance effectiveness, motivation and job satisfaction; 
  • direction and vision, 
  • staff and management capability, specifically in relation to solving problems and responsive to change.  


As OD consultants we adopt a number of strategies to enable organisations to solve problems and facilitate learning.  Some OD interventions can include:

  • Team building;
  • Process improvement and re-alignment;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Inter-departmental service level agreements;
  • Action learning programmes;
  • Leadership and management development programmes;
  • Executive coaching;
  • Team meeting facilitation.


OD programmes involve a number of distinct phases:

  1. Needs assessment  -  scoping of project requirements.  
  2. Diagnosis and prioritisation  -  this can include cultural analysis;
  3. Design of intervention;
  4. Communication and buy-in;
  5. Implementation;
  6. Monitoring, feedback and evaluation.